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Odessa port cargo turnover boosted
Thursday, 10 December 2009 11:56
Transshipment of containers in the Odessa Commercial Sea Port (ICC) for November 2008 was 53 thousand 317 TEU, that from the same period in 2007 to 6 thousand 481 TEU (13,8%).
According LigaBusinessInform in the Ministry of Transport, for 11 months in 2008 in the port container turnover amounted to 532 thousand 908 TEU: increase of 11,6%. Materials handling port of Odessa in November 2008 increased by 10,2 thousand tons (0,4%) - up to 2 million 539.6 thousand tons in comparison with November 2007.

According to the operational data for January-November this year the volume of cargo handling in port of Odessa amounted to 31 million 608.8 thousand tons, which is 2 million 975,7 thousand tons (10,4%) more than the same period 2007.

Odessa Commercial Sea Port - one of the largest ports of the Black Sea-Azov basin, located on the northwest coast of the Black Sea in the south-western part of the Odessa Bay artificially formed by the territory. The technical facilities of the port can handle more than 14 million tons of dry cargo and 24 million tons of oil products per year.


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